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Adventurer . Traveler . Hobbyist

I love travelling and getting into nature. The best days are those spent in the mountains — hiking and tramping, skiing and snowboarding, paragliding… I am an adrenaline junkie; some of my best experiences have been skydiving and bungee jumping. I am an active member of the Canterbury ice hockey community: a player and an official.

In my spare time, I also like to learn new things and work on new and different personal projects. I made this website to showcase some of the projects I have undertaken as a hobbyist; with the hope that fellow adventurers will come to me with their new projects.

Say hi – let’s start our journey.


While photos are still the common format on social media and online presence, videos are gaining more and more traction. I am quite new to video making and I hope I can make great videos that tell good stories.


A good photo has a clear point of interest with leading lines that draw the viewer's eye into the image. I like taking photos, using just an iPhone, I just love to record the beautiful moments and things in my life, which I can share with others.


In this digital world, a website is the most influential tools a person or a company has to help share their stories. I am new but I really like it and enjoy being creative. I aim to create great websites for both personal and commercial use.

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Structural planning and visual development
- this is where fun begins


Stunning images, high-quality video and compelling story-telling - a digital presence built to engage your visitors


Buying and selling of goods through the transmission of data - an online business platform with your customers


SEO, website content creation, social media, digital newsletters, online advertising, link building... reaching out to every visitor, delivering your key message

Google Analytics

In-depth detail, valuable insights - help you to shape the success strategy of your business


Website security action or application taken - data and information protected from hackers and cyber-thieves

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